The Art of Decision Making

Ah the art of effective decision making, something which every business leader wishes to master.  While admittedly there are many leaders who shine in this particular area, others struggle, primarily because of their linear approach to the process.  It is too easy to focus on what is in plain sight, the black and white of an issue, rather than taking time to ask the important, sometimes difficult questions, to challenge the obvious. This is where the HR professional plays a vital role, by helping company leaders see the “grey areas” which exist in most issues, particularly those involving people. Unfortunately, too often employment related decisions are made based upon either numbers or the legality of the matter, with no consideration for the cultural ramifications. Of course respecting legal regulations and statues is absolutely necessary, it just should not be the sole basis for the decision making process. Understanding how the proposed action will impact the company cultural, working relationships, trust and sense of community, are all critically important elements which must be factored into the process. The bonds of trust and sense of engagement within an organization are fostered over years of work and commitment and yet can be eradicated overnight by a single ill conceived decision. That is why it is so important for leaders to partner with HR in this process, to ensure consideration is given equally to the data driven information and the relationship / human aspects of the matter. Leaders who practice this holistic approach to decision making are not only able to deliver the best possible outcomes for their company, they do so with the respect of their teams.

“A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.” Plato